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Students seek tutoring for different reasons. Some come for support with challenging courses, and others come to reach new levels of achievement in different subject areas. That’s why it’s important to find a tutoring program that fits your child’s needs and learning style. CornerStone Global Tutors offers individualized academic tutoring programs, including one-on-one and group tutoring sessions. We use all available academic resources to teach and prepare students for their success in school and beyond.

Whether it’s online, in-home, or at a convenient location for your needs, our certified tutors are here to help your child with more than just homework. We don’t just fix the problems; we identify the issues and help them understand the why behind the concepts.

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We treat students as individuals, and our tutoring services are tailored to fit their unique needs, academic goals, and schedules. In addition, we help students build confidence and motivation to succeed.

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We create a personalized education plan to mold the destiny of every child.

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“From the 5 years of tutoring, Cornerstone Global Tutors (Mrs. Bola) has helped me to have a positive outlook on Math. Math became easier when I started tutoring aided by Mrs. Bola and Mr. Damon. They’re the best and I say thank you.”​

- Jola O.

“Cornerstone Global Tutors (Mrs. Bola) is very thorough and takes careful measures in helping me grasp any concept that I don’t understand. She makes me really think about how to come up with my answers. She is very firm, always straight forward and gets to the point. She is a great tutor that has helped me so much.”

- Fiyin O.

“My daughter started with Cornerstone Global Tutors (Mrs. Bola) 5 years ago when I was told she was about to be retained in 5th grade because of Math. Not only did she assist in bringing my daughters grade up, but she also helped her develop an interest in that subject. My son is also thriving in Math with her assistance. She sees something in them that they don’t see in themselves.
Mrs. Bola has never lost her temper or act out of character since I’ve known her. Such a true professional and God sent. Thanks so much to Cornerstone Global Tutors’ Staff. You are making a positive impact everyday.”

- Bola O.

“We are so thankful for Cornerstone Global Tutors (CGT) dedication to our sons’ specific learning needs. CGT has helped them bring low grades to Bs as well as mastering topics enough to make an A in their advanced classes. Bola has been proactive in managing the schedule and proposing topics to be addressed in class, as well as flexible to allow for extra classes with short notice. We are lucky to have someone vested in our sons’ success.”

- Claudia Delgado-Willick, Broker, Civil Eng. Homes by Claudia | KW Houston Central & Fort Worth

“Want to testify of the outstanding success of Cornerstone Global Tutors. We newly transferred our son to Katy ISD in 2020. Due to the Covid outbreak, the school went virtual. However, my son had spent just two weeks in the school before the school went on virtual. At the end of session, the school said my son will not be promoted to the next class due to his performance. However, we felt our son should be allowed to go to the next class. We told the school to allow him to do a Star examination before they can decide if he should be promoted or not. The school gave us a date. Fortunately, we got connected to Cornerstone and our son took classes for just two months during the summer. And so, our son took the Star examination with the school at the date we were given. To our surprise he passed the examination, and he was promoted to his next class. Cornerstone Global Tutors’ expertise, efficiency, and outstanding performance in the success of our son is worthy to share. God bless Cornerstone Global Tutors.”

- Funmilola Bankole

“My three(3) children have been with Cornerstone Global since the year 2016. Cornerstone has helped my children built tenacity and thrive academically. Cornerstone works with each student at his or her own pace. Cornerstone helps each student learn in unique ways and even provide resources to help student succeed in the classroom. Cornerstone prepared my children for CBE (Credit by Exam). One of my children was supposed to be taking 7th grade Math, but instead is now taking Algebra due to Cornerstone intervention in preparing my child successfully in the CBE. Since joining Cornerstone, each one of my children has achieved master scores in STAAR exam. I truly recommend Cornerstone to anyone who is looking for a proven way to help his or her child succeed in school.”

- O.D: Katy, TX